Tinder – Social experiment part 1

Tinder: swipe right = yes. swipe left = no…..match – chat – fall in love…….aka hahahahaa

caution: the content of this post could be seen as offensive, it is in no way instructive and should at all times be regarded as subjective.

What even is Tinder? That is the question i have been asking my fellows ever since the dating app first came on the scene. It utterly perplexed me and in many ways completely saddened the romantic part of me. Even though i have relatively liberal views on sex and sexuality there is still this romantic part of me that is hoping that the old ‘girl meets boy and they fall in love’ scenario can still play out through methods of wooing, conversation, the medium of dance and of course laughter. I therefore refused to get Tinder.

Until now!! I have now realised that tinder is in fact a game. a hilarious game. so i have undergone a social experiment designed to push the limits and boundaries of the opposite sex. what is a good conversation starter? what takes it too far? can sarcasm be conveyed via tinder. most importantly i want to uncover the WTF? element of this dating app.

So i invented a method of how to play this game. i know most people swipe yes if they find that other person attractive etc. For me that was not enough. Their could be a back story to this person that makes them a complete match for me? They could be unfortunately un-photogenic, or they could look like a greek god but actually be a complete arse wipe. How on earth can i judge somebody based entirely on looks. The answer?……Don’t. Invent your own set of rules and swipe away.

The Rules:

swipe right if:

  1. They have an animal in any of their pictures
  2. You can’t actually see their face in any of their pictures
  3. You have any mutual friends with them
  4. You have any shared interests with them
  5. old school rule here…….you find them attractive.

swipe no if:

  1. any of their pictures are a mirror selfie (exception if there is an animal in the mirror photo)
  2. they have taken a picture of just their abs. (i swoon at a picture of your headless body…..no)
  3. one of their pictures is either a wedding photo or of them with their significant other (yes this really happens. no i can’t explain why.)

So once you have your rules in place i guess the only thing left to do is to play the game. Should i know what i am looking for? Am i in this for the “bants?” Am i doing this to find true love? Am i doing this because i enjoy bizarre conversations with people? Is it just a new and interesting way to waste time and procrastinate from actually completely my degree? Or alternatively is this the new way to have hook-ups? perhaps Tinder is the way to go out there and fulfill sexual desires without having to go through the bullshit. Imagine if you could sleep with someone both knowing that you dont have to get over-emotional and you also wont have the problem of ruining a friendship or bumping into them everywhere and having bloody awkward conversations.

So i started my social experiment.

To hear how it went and what bizarre events took place and also to know what my overall judgement is stay tuned and i will let you know asap!!

join me on the quest and swipe away yo!


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